Alien Uprising (2012)

Try to remain calm
Action / Adventure / Science Fiction • 101 minutes  3.1/10
Starring: Bianca Bree Sean Brosnan Simon Phillips Jean-Claude Van Damme Peter Barrett Joey Ansah Sean Pertwee Julian Glover and others.
Director: Dominic Burns Writer: Dominic Burns Director of Photography: Luke Bryant Producer: Alain Wildberger Andy Thompson Dominic Burns Tim Major Music: Si Begg
Released • December 15, 2012

The real "battle" is the insurgence within mankind itself.

A.K.A. AT: U.F.O. Die letzte Schlacht hat.begonnen  AU: U.F.O.: Alien Uprising  DE: U.F.O. - Die letzte Schlacht hat begonnen  ES: UFO  FR: Soulèvement Alien  GB: UFO  LT: N.S.O.  PT: U.F.O.  RU: Вторжение извне